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Moonshine Creek Oxbow Restoration

Limestone rock wall blocking waterway with native foliage on banks

The Moonshine Creek Oxbow Restoration project marks the farthest project site upriver undertaken by the Jupiter Inlet District.  Located in the Loxahatchee River Northwest fork's Wild and Scenic River, the focus was restoration and preservation of historical and natural resources while returning the river to its meandering flow.  Work began in September of 2019 and was completed in February of 2020. 

With design and construction plans drafted by the District's engineer of record, Taylor Engineering, District officials entered into an agreement with Ducks Unlimited and Poiseidon who were completing work nearby for Jonathan Dicksonson State Park following multiple public bids for the project.

Project designs called for the placement of native limstone rock with sediment fill to cut flow to the short circuit.  A 2-ft. deep channel was dredged to harvest the sediment.  It will continue to accumulate sediment and attract vegitation, furthing stabilizing the area.  All construction was completed by Poiseidon and managed by Ducks Unlimited.

Total cost for construction by Poiseidon was $432,900 and the District secured $294,871 .66 in cost-share funding from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).  SOURCE:  OCTOBER 2020 MINUTES) 

For more information about the project, contact the District at (561) 746-2223.